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  • Mistric
    1. Mistric Comics Requests
    Whats with all the broken links, can barely download anything anymore. All good things come to an end, guess its time to find a new site. Thanks.
  • Elite
    2. Elite 0-Day Comics
    2000AD 2231 (2021) (Digital-Empire)!lP4SXKBC!29OGqUYtSKXPvRdgnm0Ly2F5QioKcSfg4zfLjmtli9k Action Comics 352 (1967) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire)!sKYCgb4D!gYmdesu-cIyOZPaBg02IBD31eLd_VQkY7e6-bpSrJhs Action Comics 355 (1967) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire)!4TRwgRjb!hz8rvqTx1QOb-WFdWerB8f2YjECY6gTEp_EJrtJ6cf0 Action Comics 829 (2005) (digital-Empire)!Z44WBK5C!Xk4KUheRBTDtjj-cYrYWmu49-WHEObj5UWqzJ4HxpGY Aggretsuko - Meet Her World…
  • Elite
    3. Elite 0-Day Comics
    [GER] Button Man 01 - Das Killerspiel (2020) (Panini) (digital) (Lynx-Empire)!U5JBHKpJ!TyTjjlLGJYzmSSktlcxCDco1gzV4CQq8SkJ8kRE9tk8 [GER] Die Meister der Inquisition 010 - Habner (Scanlation #1174) (2021) (GCA-Savages)!4koGQawI!rWkJCMKJvnMc_wTaAFEH6eVIhfmwjIm82Hob7NUAiAY [GER] Dune - House Atreides…
  • Elite
    4. Elite Non 0-Day Comics
    Casper and the Ghostly Trio 003 (1973-03) (c2c) (titansfan) Laughs 036 (Candar 1964) (c2c) (ComicsCastle) 001 (Quality 1946) (c2c) (siplop+AIBQ) Buddies 092 (Harvey 1959)…
  • Elite
    5. Elite 0-Day Comics
    Action Comics 1030 (2021) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)!ItJgmLQD!flg-A7M1_2mLeTVazOwDeT9ngSNLZQbXHJz_OsOX9AM After-School Hanako-kun v01 (2021) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!1whGFbqb!RPjKCmWHevcxF2KyWJ78a02FIrRNw5Dc85pTQrraKXw Alice & Zoroku v06 (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!gIV2XbqJ!1C3RckPHd7fPxCpPYJt2V04jcn563J_dizefoFkPo24!Z7AhwACB!aN708uO_aAom31NZXGoiOdSyZneLmoD4BrofYxpUU0k Alice & Zoroku v07 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire)…
  • Elite
    6. Elite Comics Requests
    Only till #1888 ripped yet.
    7. DEEPAK KUMAR Comics Requests
    hi boss, nice to your website. Can you post frew issues no 1889(2021) and 1890(2021) phantom comics please.
  • Dave
    8. Dave Non 0-Day Comics
    Please disregard my previous message about the Zippyshare links. I figured it out. Thanks for all of your help and for putting up the non 0-day comics!
  • Dave
    9. Dave Non 0-Day Comics
    Where are the Zippyshare links? I can't find them.
  • Elite
    10. Elite Wonder Woman: The Golden Age – Volume 1 (TPB) (2017)
    Wonder Woman - The Golden Age v01 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire).cbz Wonder Woman - The Golden Age v02 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire).cbz Wonder Woman - The Golden Age v03 (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire).cbz



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