Batman, Incorporated #5

Batman, Incorporated #5

English | CBR | 17.3 MB

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  • first of all i wanna say that the comic is fucking awesome, but… i’ll also say that not many people like the art shown in batmanINC or other morrisonian adventures, the same can be said about scott snyders batman with Capullo (not a capullo fan) but i admit that the story can be awesome and the art not so much or viceversa, ill just say that batman inc story is awesome and lets leave it at that.

    ok in the last number batman told damian that he cant be robin/redbird/or jackshit because of, wait for it…. the future that awaits gotham and the world if he becomes batman (you should check Batman #666 pre 52 to know what the fuck is this all about) half of the comic shows that apocaliptic future which is just godamn epic with Damian as a seemingly inmortal/invulnerable batman, thoughout the alternate future story BatmanMythos references are made (The killing Joke, Year One, TDKR, only for batmaniacs) which are pretty good i must say, in the end batman forces damian to go back to his mother and the batman inc team gets blasted in the HQ (seemingly we never know, nah we know what will happen) overall awesome comic and a must read.

    thkns for the comic and heres a little review.

  • Like how gruesome this issue was, but still not a fan of the art style. The characters just have such ugly looking faces lol

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