Batman, Incorporated Special #1


Batman, Incorporated Special #1
English | CBR | 65 MB

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  • wouldn’t let me download this one…

    I appreciate the effort and all, but what’s wrong with’s captchas? No matter how clear the captcha is and I get it right, it just shows me a red ring around the captcha box and wont give me the “download widget”, so I have to reset the captcha and do it again. Sometimes five times before it accepts it. I thought it was me, but I use tons of other sites and nowhere have I had so much problem so frequently. It’s JUST More often than not, I have to reset the captcha so many times that it tells me I can’t download anything anymore because I had to hit it so many times. That’s what happened with this CBR.

    And I don’t have the money, so I cant afford a premium membership. Otherwise, I’d buy my comics at stores.

    I have so much trouble with that site, and rapidgator only lets me get one download every 2 hours (not having internet of my own, I can’t access it all day–just once for a couple of hours) so it limits me drastically…

    I have used “deposit files” frequently and I’ve never had trouble with it. Can you use Deposit Files more often? A lot of the earlier CBRs here are there (and I’m EXTREMELY glad for it! please DONT move them to!) and it’s always worked for me.

    And sometimes gives me a virus that the virus scanners catch and erase for me… but then I don’t get the CBR 🙁 I have to go to “bookgn” site to get the CBRs I can’t get here, but I like this site better. I hate using bookgn cuz they have such strict time standards on their downloads.

    I was wondering if there was something wrong with and if there was anything I could do to fix it.

    • DEPOSITFILES is currently blocked in my Country.
      It was blocked in March 2013.
      I can’t acceess it without proxy. I cannot do whole work (Uploading etc.) using proxy as proxy port speed gets slow within minutes.
      Comics of first 18 months of DC THE NEW 52 are still on my DEPOSITFILES account and am not going to delete them.

      I have heard of downloading .exe file instead of .cbr/.cbz long time ago. Probably the bug is still there. I really have no idea how to fix this.
      I tried some different hosts (cloudzer, bitshare etc.) but all have almost same rule. File Hosts with free services are deleting files every day and they are untrustworthy.
      That’s why I choose only these 2 hosts which are very protective towards uploaders and I can not use more than 2 Accounts as it will take more time to manage. I recommend you to visit avaxhome as they have lots of professional uploaders uploading different kind of things all time. You can find lots of stuffs of your choice. 🙂

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