Why New Comics are posted late and Other Stories!


You must be wondering why ComicsForest is slow in term of posting New Comics and why REQUESTS Page is till locked from almost last 2 months. I am here to clarify all confusions. I am composing this Post and I would recommend every Old, New & Newbie Visitors to read this.

From where should I start? OK, let’s start from the very beginning.

I would like to tell you that I completed my graduation from Mechanical Engineering in late July, 2014. Now I had to move to different city . I used to have my Personal Computer, MacBook Air & a decent Broadband Connection but as I moved to this new City (in which I am currently living right now) in early August, I bring my MacBook only as there was already lots of luggage. I was living in my friend’s Flat for some time and he had no Broadband connection. I was forced to use Cellular Data to connect to Internet and post Comics. One thing I would like to tell you that posting Comics without External Keyboard & Mosue is really hectic. Believe me, 5 Minutes work on Computer becomes 15-20 Minutes work on Laptop.

I was searching for a good Flat to rent and I got a decent one in last of August. I applied for Broadband next day and it got activated after 1 day. I also bought External Keyboard & Mouse to speed up the work. I am currently a trainee under a reputed Company and my main focus of area is to Engine Design. Work load is currently low but there is lots of data to study.

I have spent almost all of my money and waiting for my salary. I would probably built a Mini-ITX next month for all of my work and managing ComicsForest as I prefer to work on Computer only.

I would also like to tell you that I got infected with Dengue (or Dengue Fever or whatever it is) last week. I thought I am having normal fever and was taking bed-rest but things got worse. Doctor told me that I am infected and my blood platelet count is decreased from normal level. It was certainly not a good news for me. Doctor advised me to take fruits, eat boiled vegetables, avoid spicy foods & blah blah blah.

Dengue NS1 Antigen : Positive
Platelet Count : 1.30 Lakhs/c

I am currently following all steps suggested and hoping for a good result on next blood test.

I am unlocking REQUEST Page. Please follow the rules i.e. Max. 5 Comics per Request & Do not request for Comics on every Wednesday and Thursday.

I would try to post New Comics as soon as they get scanned. I would not say to you to stick on ComicsForest and wait for Comics to get posted as things are not good here. I request you to move to some other sites/blogs for 2-3 weeks as it would take some time for me to get fully stable here.

Anyway, let’s end this boring Post and cheers for upcoming TV Shows from DC (Fingers crossed for The Flash).

Till then, Take Care

Best Regards,

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  • hi.hope you are ok
    I am using your site for a few month and as i see its perfect.i noticed that you are using zippyshare and userscloud but I have an offer for you.i ran a site myself so I have a friend in a file hosting companys.you can use his file hosting for a month which you will have 5 tb space but users should wait for 60 sec.if your sites visitors download more than 100 times a day in second month I will tell him to make it direct and even if it needs money I will pay it for you so no problem.and If you want you can continue to use timer but in that case you can make money from it.
    Sorry for English because it isn’t my language.

    • Hi,
      I run this site alone so uploading on various file-hosts will be very time consuming for me. ZIPPYSHARE and USERSCLOUD provide unlimited speed and visitors are happy with it.

      BTW, thanks for your suggestion. πŸ™‚

  • Sorry I’ve only just noticed this Elite but given your pers’nal circumstances technical inclinations/predilections t’gether with the ling’ring debilitatin’ tendencies o’ Dengue it’s a wonder y’ bother keepin’ this thing goin’ at all.

    Saying that…

    …I’ve joined the forum an’ I can’t for the life o’ me either as alboraq or anonymous work out were the new request stuff’s goin’ up.

    I can even now see your 14 Dec 2014 6.00am type responses to earlier requests’ve gone up on the recent comments section but as to where else they’re appearin’…?!!!

    It’s prob’ly jus’ me tho’ I seem t’ have this chaoticisin’ effect on technology.

    If y’haven’t fully recovered from y’Dengue yet then get well soon mate!

    • Hello,
      I am fine now.

      I have created FORUM only so members can help each other. Probably no one wants to share Comics there.

      Sometime, people requests on other Posts except COMICS REQUEST Page and sometime I fulfill their requests. You are seeing that Comments.

    • DC Comics are ripped some 6 Hours before Marvel Comics. Almost all Scanner Groups rip from comiXology and DC Comics come very early.

  • Hello, Elite!! It’s nice to know from you, even if it’s not so good news. Thanks for the post, that made us remember that You have a real life, so first things first.
    I have people close to me with Dengue, and the doc recomended (among other things): Guava juice, chiken leg soup, no effort and NO STRESS. Take your time, and take really care of yourself.
    It could be a good time to read again that comic that worth slow reading, isn’t it?. “Kingdom Come” is my personal recommendation. πŸ™‚

  • hey you don’t need to apologize or explain, what you do is already awesome. thanks for being there ^^ I hope you’ll recover soon.
    Wish you the best.

  • Thank you Sir for all you do to keep this page up and running. Secondly, congrats on your graduation, Mechanical Engineering sounds amazing. Lastly, sorry to hear that you got ill with Dengue. Like others, your health is more important than these comics. Get better Elite and I’m totally looking forward to the Flash as well. It’s looking pretty good. Take care Sir!!!

  • Hey! Im from Argentina and i love your page. I never get to leave a message saying thanks, but when I read about your health, I get the urge to say Thank you for doing such a good job.
    Get well and take your goodhealth as a priority.

    Again. Thank you so much for doing your job so well.

  • DUDE! awesome to hear that you finally graduate! thats really awesome! The sad part here is that you get that dengue shit, i hope for you a full recovery and get well soon! Remember, without a good health nothing is going to be in balance if you first mr are completely fine ok? Hug from Mexico Fan here m8te. Get well soom and congratulations again for your graduation! YOU ROCK! πŸ˜€

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