Sep 242014


You must be wondering why ComicsForest is slow in term of posting New Comics and why REQUESTS Page is till locked from almost last 2 months. I am here to clarify all confusions. I am composing this Post and I would recommend every Old, New & Newbie Visitors to read this.

From where should I start? OK, let’s start from the very beginning.

I would like to tell you that I completed my graduation from Mechanical Engineering in late July, 2014. Now I had to move to different city . I used to have my Personal Computer, MacBook Air & a decent Broadband Connection but as I moved to this new City (in which I am currently living right now) in early August, I bring my MacBook only as there was already lots of luggage. I was living in my friend’s Flat for some time and he had no Broadband connection. I was forced to use Cellular Data to connect to Internet and post Comics. One thing I would like to tell you that posting Comics without External Keyboard & Mosue is really hectic. Believe me, 5 Minutes work on Computer becomes 15-20 Minutes work on Laptop.

I was searching for a good Flat to rent and I got a decent one in last of August. I applied for Broadband next day and it got activated after 1 day. I also bought External Keyboard & Mouse to speed up the work. I am currently a trainee under a reputed Company and my main focus of area is to Engine Design. Work load is currently low but there is lots of data to study.

I have spent almost all of my money and waiting for my salary. I would probably built a Mini-ITX next month for all of my work and managing ComicsForest as I prefer to work on Computer only.

I would also like to tell you that I got infected with Dengue (or Dengue Fever or whatever it is) last week. I thought I am having normal fever and was taking bed-rest but things got worse. Doctor told me that I am infected and my blood platelet count is decreased from normal level. It was certainly not a good news for me. Doctor advised me to take fruits, eat boiled vegetables, avoid spicy foods & blah blah blah.


Dengue NS1 Antigen : Positive


Platelet Count : 1.30 Lakhs/c

I am currently following all steps suggested and hoping for a good result on next blood test.

I am unlocking REQUEST Page. Please follow the rules i.e. Max. 5 Comics per Request & Do not request for Comics on every Wednesday and Thursday.

I would try to post New Comics as soon as they get scanned. I would not say to you to stick on ComicsForest and wait for Comics to get posted as things are not good here. I request you to move to some other sites/blogs for 2-3 weeks as it would take some time for me to get fully stable here.

Anyway, let’s end this boring Post and cheers for upcoming TV Shows from DC (Fingers crossed for The Flash).

Till then, Take Care

Best Regards,

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  63 Responses to “Why New Comics are posted late and Other Stories!”

  1. I trust that you won’t die. Congratulations on graduating, get better soon and excellent work. I love it.Good day.

  2. Get well soon, and kudos on your graduation.

  3. I will be praying for you. Keep focusing on taking care of yourself. We appreciate everything you do.

  4. hope youll get better quick,

    also just wanted to say ive been looking for a place to download free comics for a while now, im sooo happy to have finally found this… big thanks to you and congrats for your graduation 😉

  5. Your health is way important man so is your life. SO sorry for spamming many request. Do take care!

  6. Take care, man. We all appreciate de hard work you do with this page.

    Best of lucks in your personal life. 🙂

  7. Good luck. We all appreciate your work, and we all hope everything works out.

  8. Good health… it’s enough!

  9. Yes yes, we love you too. I had dengue before and i survived. And im sure so will you. Hang in there.

  10. GOD bless you. You WILL pull through. You are also in our PRAYERS.

  11. We love you

  12. Thank you for your efforts.

  13. I really appreciate you having this site. Take care of yourself.

  14. Thank you so much buddy!!
    Your health is more important than this…get well soon..

  15. Get well soon. You really did a perfect job to make us all enchanted with all this time. My gratitude for your hard work, brother-in-faith.

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