Dear Visitors,
I know I’m a bit late. I wanted to post this 3 months ago, but was busy with many things. Before I continue, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your love and continued support.

You must be wondering how come this Site is 3 years old when it just started few Months ago. Well, there’s a long story behind it.
Start a Campfire under Moonless Night, grab some Marshmallows and be ready to read the most terrifying Survival Horror Story.

I started sharing Comics in early 2009 in a Community (just like a Facebook Page) of a once-famous-but-now-dead social networking Site. I used to create RAPIDSHARE and MEDIAFIRE Mirrors for Comics as these 2 used to be grandaddy for all File-Hosts. MEGAUPLOAD was there at that time but he was not so famous as RS and MF. I moved to college in Mid 2010 leaving all these things behind.

I don’t know what happened between Mid 2010 to Mid 2011 as I was not much into reading Comics at that time (I would like to tell you that I am a die-hard Comics fan). Anyway, I was missing those old days of sharing Comics. The social networking site on which I used to post was almost dead (thanks to Facebook) and no one visiting there.

I was looking for someplace else to share Comics and also to keep track of what’s happening in Comics Industry. I read about Blogger which was blog-publishing service by Google. Anyone can create a Blog for free using a Google Account. It was worth a try. I created another Google Account just for Blogging purpose. Now I had to choose a domain name (or sub-domain name or whatever is it known as) for my blog. I thought of some cool names related to Comics but none was satisfactory. It was August, 2011 and DC was going for complete transformation i.e. The New 52. I was mostly into DC so I thought it would be a excellent time to share THE NEW 52 Comics.

I chose DOWNLOAD-DC-NEW-52 (I know this is a dumb name) as domain name and my blog was created.



I was a newbie so I started reading a lot about customizing blog. I chose a Background Image, created a Logo on Adobe Photoshop, placed some CSS Codes and my Blog was looking good.

September, 2011 was the time when SOPA/PIPA launched the battle against the piracy. Lots of File-Hosts were running their life, MEGAUPLOAD was dead, RAPIDSHARE and MEDIAFIRE were deleting accounts instantly upon DMCA copyright infringement reports. Newbie File-Hosts were trying to take place of fallen. Chaos was everywhere. I didn’t know what File-Hosts to choose. So, I just started sharing File-Hosts (oron, easy-share, uploadstation, wupload etc.) links of others uploaders.

I was sharing New DC Comics only (some 13 Comics only per week) and gaining lots of popularity. Things were going good but all good things must come to an end. In the last week of April 2012, lots of Artists and Writers protested against my Blog on Twitter. They complained about my blog to Google (As Google owns Blogger) and it was deleted next day.

WHOOSH. I was posting Comics for 8 months and now there was no trace of my Blog. I freaked out. I had created that blog with love, put hundreds of hours on it and it was no more. It would be a dumb move to create another blog under same Google account. I posted on Facebook Page (of my dead Blog) that I will not be creating any blog in future. But, that was not the end. I was not going to stop. I created another Google account and created another Blog on it. My 2nd blog name was inspired by IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and it’s name was…



My second Blog was alive just after 3 days of incident. This time I know what I had to do and what I should not do. I never promoted my Blog on my Facebook page or never promoted anywhere that I was the owner of WWW.DOWNLOAD-DC-NEW-52.BLOGSPOT.COM. This time, I created an account on a File-Host named DEPOSITFILES and started uploading Comics on it and sharing it’s links on my Blog. I was still doing only New DC Comics only and my blog started becoming famous after 1 month. Even I didn’t fully know why blogs were famous. Probably because of Good Interface and probably visitors were easily finding my blog on Google Search.
Again, things were going good. I was happy sharing New Comics every week and visitors were happy downloading it.

It was December, 2012 and people were talking good and bad about my blog on Facebook, Twitter and other Forums (I know this because there was an option in my Blog’s Dashboard to check how many are referred to my Blog from another place on Internet). I knew that someday this Blog will also get deleted. I had to do something.

I planned to start my own site to stay safe. But I haven’t a slightest clue about starting a site. I used to think that owning a site is very costly and need very technical knowledge or something like that. I started reading tutorials on Internet. I visited a forum named WJUNCTION, interacted with many other like-minded people and came to know that anyone can easily start a site without any much knowledge. I just needed money to buy a Domain Name from an Offshore Registrar and get Hosting from Non-DMCA Countries like Netherlands, Russia etc. (to stay safe from DMCA abuses). I came to know about WordPress which is the most famous blogging software on Earth and customizable up to anything.
So, I needed MONEY. I started uploading files on UPLOADED.NET File-Host from January, 2013 and also started posting New Marvel Comics and few Old Comics everyday to earn some good money to pay for all things.
Mid March, 2013. I had money and it was time to buy a Domain Name. My own personal Domain Name. MY OWN SITE. I was Exited. HE HE

22 March, 2013. I didn’t know what name to choose. Probably my mind was not working at that time. It was late night, I was drinking Coffee in my Coffee Mug. It was hot. I thought, there are lots of weird domain names and there is no harm in choosing off-topic name for my site. So I choose a weird name and it was…

WWW.HOTMUG.ORG [3rd Generation]


I bought $ 4/per month Shared Hosting from a Hosting Company, installed WordPress on it, picked a good free Theme, customized it by reading tutorials here and there, copied all my Images and Posts from FCDb to HOTMUG using a plugin and redirected all my traffic to HOTMUG. I remember that day. It was 2nd April, 2013. It was my first day on HOTMUG. I was getting some 20k pageviews per day on FCDb and whole traffic was redirecting to HOTMUG. WHOLE SERVER GOT OFFLINE WITHIN HOURS. ALL OTHER SITES WHO WERE ON SAME SERVER WITH ME ALSO GOT OFFLINE. Then I came to know that Shared Hosting is not good for massive amount of traffic. Ha Ha

Again, I was back on FCDb and posted New Comics on 3 April, 2014 (Wednesday). I searched for some good VPS (Virtual private Server) Providers and found one. Hosting Provider told me that a good VPS is required for my Site and he can get one for me at $ 25/per month. I agreed. I moved all my data on his server and HOTMUG was online. Things were going fine. There was no fear from Artists, Publishers etc. I was FREE.

October, 2013. Traffic was increasing and slowing my Site. Even my Site getting offline sometimes. I upgraded the RAM and Hardware but it was not enough. Things were going up and down.

March, 2014. Things were getting rough. Number of downtimes were high. I didn’t know what to do. People were complaining that they are finding HOTMUG offline half of the time. I was aware of the situation and I know that something must be done. I contacted a friend of fine and he suggested me to move to another Hosting Provider who were in business from 3 years. I said I will consider this.

13 May, 2014. I changed my Hosting provider (FINALLY). It was one of the best decision of my life (I never got one single downtime on this Host).

26 May, 2014. I thought it would be cool have have some Comics related Domain Name. I created one by mixing name and registered it. Domain Name was…



Ya, this Domain Name is cool. The Server on which my Site is being hosted is also cool. It can easily handle 50k pageviews per day. I think this is my final change in my site. I am not going to change my domain name ever (until something unthinkable make me change it).

PHEW… This was really a long story.

Hope, everybody enjoyed reading this Post.
So, you are following this site from which Generation? Please Comment.

Ask me any Question, I will gladly answer it.
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Elite 🙂


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