Jun 232016


UPDATE 2: After the demise of KickassTorrents, Torrentz & Comix4Free, load on ComicsCodes servers has been increased to 150%. I am upgrading the server and raising the monthly donation target to $500.

UPDATE 1: I have left my job and can’t support ComicsCodes on my own. Please support ComicsCodes if you can.


Hey Comic Geeks,
How are you? Hope you are doing fine.

As you know that it’s been 2 years since I have completed my college and moved to different city regarding my job. Read this POST for complete info. Job is good, money is good too. I was loving my job for some time but got bored in a year because of lots of desk work. I still continue to do it to gather some decent amount of money so I can support myself and pay for my master’s degree by myself.

I have decided to resign and 30th June will be my last day in the office. I am looking forward to prepare for GRE and to get some decent score to put in my resume with my earlier works. My dream is to get inside video game industry. Hopefully I will get selected in some good college.

I will move to different city in first week of July. Of course I will do some small part time job to pay for my rent, food, Internet bills etc. as I can not take money from my parents now. The reason I am composing this post to aware you about my current life and also to tell you about managing ComicsCodes. As you know that I pay all my monthly hosting bills from donations only. Every month I contribute $150 – $200 from my side because I never reach the goal. It was never a problem for me because of my good paying job but as now I am leaving it, I would be a problem for me to arrange remaining money every month. I provide Comics with ZIPPYSHARE and USERSCLOUD links so visitors can download without waiting.

ComicsCodes gets huge amount of traffic and hundreds of unique visitors visits ComicsCodes everyday. If everyone donates $1, I will reach goal within 1 day but that’s not how it happens. Someone is student and can’t donate, someone is unable to use Paypal because it is not available in his country etc. I am not blaming them or something like that, I love when someone get their favorite Comics easily. I love when they leave a comment telling me that how I helped them. Anyway, there are still lots and lots and visitors who can donate. I request to you that if it is possible to donate, please do it to support ComicsCodes. Any small or big amount would be highly appreciated. Visit DONATION Page for more info.

I recommend donating at least $2, as PayPal deducts ¢34 as service charge if someone donates $1. That’s like eating 33% of the donation. Higher the donation, less is service charge.

I am sharing Comics from last 5 years and lots of rules and other things are changed on Internet and it’s really hard to make money from file-host sales due to their cheating. Donation is only way to keep everything alive.

If you want to donate, click on PAYPAL icon below.

Let’s see what future holds for me.

Elite 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  39 Responses to “Looking forward to life’s next Adventure!”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. You help keep my passion for the Bat alive. Donation sent.

  2. Just donated my two cents to keep this page going. Well, actually a bit more. 🙂

  3. Does anyone know the source of the front page Superman image (red/black while floating in the sky)?

  4. I appreciate your dedication to comicscodes. There are a lot of circumstances that I can’t donate. I am a student, I don’t have income, I don’t have paypal. I feel sorry. I want to give advise to add ads to comicscodes. I wish your dream will come true. May god bless you. 😉

  5. Hello, I don’t know where to contact you, so I’m posting here.

    I have made a small program that would take the checklist URL from from comicscodes.com (Copy/Paste) and get all available comics from the checklist.

    User will be able to simply check the comics he want, set download folder, and download all the comics automatically, without going into each one and mirrors and clicking the download links.

    A small demo is available in this screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/BDnm0

    I was able to download all November checklists very fast, without the need to download each manually, and I think it would benefit everyone because I think it’s a tedious task to do.

    If you want to feature the program, I can upload you the executables to try and publish.

    • Sounds cool to me. It will be helpful for downloaders who download from lots of sites. Have you created this for both Windows and Mac?

  6. start using ads to solve your financial ads….

    And by the way thank you for all the comics

  7. Hi again i apologize my last comment. i thought this was some request forum. Nevertheless im from Cameroon but not sure we have the pay pal facility so how else can i support. please reply ASAP.

    • You don’t have to apologize for anything. Even I have closed REQUESTS section for now because of death of major torrent trackers, I still try to fulfill requests if anyone request for certain comics.

      Regarding support, I have PayPal as only option right now. Thank you for loving ComicsCodes and thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  8. hey guys I would love if you could upload the The Killer. a comic by Matz. the old link is dead. pls

  9. Hope everything will be ok man. Im from Honduras and you cant buy comics here. Im a star wars fan and have been suporting you, althought with small donations, for 2 months now. Cheer on and thank you.

  10. Just finished my donation. Thank YOU.
    Lisbon, Portugal

  11. Hey,

    Why don’t you sell advertisements? That would be an efficient way to support the site. You could ensure that there aren’t too many ads so that the page becomes crowded. It’s just an idea.

    • I am currently getting complete donations and paying every bills without any hiccups. That’s why I am not considering for Ads because they seriously make things ugly. 😀

      I even recommend everyone to use ADBLOCK Add-On on their browsers to get rid of Ads.

  12. Just donated $5 mate, only small but hope it helps get the target met.

  13. Hi, I could only donate a small amount, but I wish you all the luck.


  14. Do you have a Facebook page? I will share the site for Support

  15. Thanks a lot for your service.

    I lost my job and it is really hard to make ends meet.

    I have been loving comics for all my life and with out you I would be able
    to have the pleasure of reading them at the moment.

    I’m really sorry that I can’t donate at this point of my life.

    I wish you all the best.

    Kind regards!

    F. from Germany

  16. I‘m a student in China and want to donate,.Unfortunately, I don’t have a paypal. Is this the only way to donate???

    • Unfortunately, PayPal is only option to donate. But no problem, I think I will reach the target just like last month thanks to lots of donators. 🙂
      Thank you for loving ComicsCodes. If you are looking for any specific Comics, you can request it in COMICS REQUESTS Page.


  17. I‘m a student in China and want to donate,.Unfortunately, I don’t have a paypal. Is this the only way to donate??

  18. Hey there. I want to congratulate you on this awesome website and all the good you’ve done for us broke people. I just donated some money as my way of thanking you. It’s not much, but I can’t help that much without a job right now. Hopefully, I’ll help a bit more in the future. I wish you the best.


  19. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours my friend! as always, thanks for everything!

  20. just donated $30. congrats to you on your next steps. the GRE is no joke…but i have faith that you will do well. if you can, find someone that has taken the prep class from Princeton Review…not Kaplan. I took both classes when i was preparing for the gmat…and Princeton Review’s materials were the best.

  21. Was trying to donate but am not really comfortable with divulging my address needlessly. Are there other ways perhaps?

    • You can enter false address in PayPal. I get lots of donations with address like ‘____..___..____‘ instead of street name. 😛
      Anyway, your address will be safe with me if that’s what you worry about.

  22. hi man!
    I wish u luck.
    greetings from Brazil.

  23. I want to thank you for putting together probably the cleanest comics site there is on the internet. It’s the easiest and most lightweight site to browse through compared to the rest.

    I would love to know that you will be doing this forever, but always in the back of my mind I know at some point it will end. Whether it be tomorrow, a year, or 3 years from now, I think everyone understands that at some point, one guy can’t possibly keep this up while he’s got his own life to worry about. My hope is that comicscodes can keep this run up as long as you can, and hopefully it doesn’t become too much of a burden for you and that you still have love for the comics community forever.

    You’ve put time, effort, and money just so that you can share with others. Thank you.

    • By the way, what do you think about that new Spider-Man game!?

      • That PS4 Exclusive? I was watching PS E3 live and Spider-Man trailer was really cool along with new God of War and Death Stranding.
        Insomniac Games has already confirmed that trailer was captured using regular PS4 not upcoming upgraded one.
        I really wish this game to be massive hit as last one was disaster. I hope we can see this game in store before Christmas 2017.

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      I will try to do this forever. Not only because I love to share Comics, I am also an avid comic book reader since age of 5.
      I have managed to post new Comics every Wednesday sometimes in between exams, traveling, relocating and in many other situations. I think I will also manage in future.
      Thank you for supporting ComicsCodes. 🙂

  24. i just donated what i could, i hope you never stop doing this, i take it for granted sometimes. hope you get into a good school and good luck on the GRE!

  25. Thank you for all you hace done for us. And may you hace good fortune in life!!!
    Fabián Gsrcia

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