Jun 232016


UPDATE 2: After the demise of KickassTorrents, Torrentz & Comix4Free, load on ComicsCodes servers has been increased to 150%. I am upgrading the server and raising the monthly donation target to $500.

UPDATE 1: I have left my job and can’t support ComicsCodes on my own. Please support ComicsCodes if you can.


Hey Comic Geeks,
How are you? Hope you are doing fine.

As you know that it’s been 2 years since I have completed my college and moved to different city regarding my job. Read this POST for complete info. Job is good, money is good too. I was loving my job for some time but got bored in a year because of lots of desk work. I still continue to do it to gather some decent amount of money so I can support myself and pay for my master’s degree by myself.

I have decided to resign and 30th June will be my last day in the office. I am looking forward to prepare for GRE and to get some decent score to put in my resume with my earlier works. My dream is to get inside video game industry. Hopefully I will get selected in some good college.

I will move to different city in first week of July. Of course I will do some small part time job to pay for my rent, food, Internet bills etc. as I can not take money from my parents now. The reason I am composing this post to aware you about my current life and also to tell you about managing ComicsCodes. As you know that I pay all my monthly hosting bills from donations only. Every month I contribute $150 – $200 from my side because I never reach the goal. It was never a problem for me because of my good paying job but as now I am leaving it, I would be a problem for me to arrange remaining money every month. I provide Comics with ZIPPYSHARE and USERSCLOUD links so visitors can download without waiting.

ComicsCodes gets huge amount of traffic and hundreds of unique visitors visits ComicsCodes everyday. If everyone donates $1, I will reach goal within 1 day but that’s not how it happens. Someone is student and can’t donate, someone is unable to use Paypal because it is not available in his country etc. I am not blaming them or something like that, I love when someone get their favorite Comics easily. I love when they leave a comment telling me that how I helped them. Anyway, there are still lots and lots and visitors who can donate. I request to you that if it is possible to donate, please do it to support ComicsCodes. Any small or big amount would be highly appreciated. Visit DONATION Page for more info.

I recommend donating at least $2, as PayPal deducts ¢34 as service charge if someone donates $1. That’s like eating 33% of the donation. Higher the donation, less is service charge.

I am sharing Comics from last 5 years and lots of rules and other things are changed on Internet and it’s really hard to make money from file-host sales due to their cheating. Donation is only way to keep everything alive.

If you want to donate, click on PAYPAL icon below.

Let’s see what future holds for me.

Elite 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  43 Responses to “Looking forward to life’s next Adventure!”

  1. You have my support each month. at least 3 to 5 usd.
    Also! Let us know when you open the app! I will buy to support you and your dreams, id also give my feedback in a positive way for improvement! Best of luck bro!

  2. Thank you for everything you are doing. i would like to help. i have the complete dc collection (the one from h33t) and i would like to get it to you if you need it

    • Wowww… you really have some collection. Here on ComicsCodes, everyone come here for new Comics only. I suggest you to create a torrent and put it on EXTRATORRENT as it is one of the most famous torrent website in the world. Seed it for few days and rest of it support your torrent for a long time and anyone can download any individual files from your pack. 🙂

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