DC + Vertigo (08-31-2016)


DC + Vertigo (08-31-2016)
English | 9 Comics | CBR | 377 MB

DC Week+ (08-31-2016).part1.rar
DC Week+ (08-31-2016).part2.rar

DC Week+ (08-31-2016).part1.rar – 200.0 MB
DC Week+ (08-31-2016).part2.rar – 177.6 MB

DC Week+ (08-31-2016).part2.rar
DC Week+ (08-31-2016).part1.rar

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    • I am currently reaching 100% donation goal every month. If this happens every month, I do not need to put Ads. If I fail to reach the goal, I will put minimal amount of Ads. Frankly speaking, I hate Ads and keep ADBLOCK plugin installed on my browser all the time. 😀
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