Druuna #1-8 (of 8) + Artbooks (1986-2003) (COMPLETE)


Druuna #1-8 (of 8) + Artbooks
English | 11 Comics | CBR | 326 MB

NOTE: Only for mature readers. One of the best Italian graphic novels I have read. Serpieri’s art is really impressive but keep in mind that there are very strong scenes.


ABOUT: Druuna is an erotic science fiction and fantasy comic book character created by Italian cartoonist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri. Most of Druuna’s adventures revolve around a post-apocalyptic future, and the plot is often a vehicle for varied scenes of hardcore pornography and softcore sexual imagery. Druuna is frequently depicted as sparsely clothed or nude, and Serpieri’s high quality renditions of her are often reproduced as poster prints.

Druuna starred in eight volumes of the Morbus Gravis (Severe Disease) series between 1985 and 2003. These stories were featured prominently in Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal magazines. Druuna has also been featured in Serpieri’s numerous and popular sketchbooks, which have sold more than a million copies in twelve languages.

Druuna (ADULT) (1986-2003).part1.rar
Druuna (ADULT) (1986-2003).part2.rar

Druuna (ADULT) (1986-2003).part1.rar – 200.0 MB
Druuna (ADULT) (1986-2003).part2.rar – 123.3 MB

Druuna (ADULT) (1986-2003).part1.rar
Druuna (ADULT) (1986-2003).part2.rar



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