Proud 5 Years of ComicsCodes!


😎 😎 Well, Well, Well. Look who turned 5! 😎 😎

Hello Friends,
I would love to tell you that today is the 5th anniversary of ComicsCodes.

It’s been a long journey for both me and long time followers of ComicsCodes. An awesome journey.

I just don’t know what to say. I have changed lots of domains to keep this site alive. This is also 5th generation or you may say 5th version of original site. Last one was WWW.COMICSFOREST.COM but I had to changed it to WWW.COMICSCODES.COM as heat was very high.

If you are confused, I highly recommend reading this Post ‘COMICSFOREST 3rd Anniversary!‘ before moving further.

Anyway, as I have told you before I never started ComicsCodes as some professional website. I started it as a hobby. I started it because I loved Comics. I am an avid Comic Book reader since age of 5. I still remember how I fell in love with my first Comic. It was a Comic in comedy genre. I read it again and again for hours and tried to trace some pictures on my notebook. I was in love. After that, I saved my pocket money to buy Comic Books every week. When I turned 18, I had like 1,400+ Comics. I was proud of my collection. Those were some golden days.

During these 5 years, lots of things has happened it my life. I went to college, completed it, got a job, moved to different city, left the job, again moved to different city for different purpose. But one thing was (and also is) constant. Posting New Comics every Wednesday. Only reason I did this because I loved sharing Comics to everyone. I did this to easily available Comics to everyone.

I know this is not some holy or some great work. This is more like robin-hood thing. I know what I am doing. To minimize the damage, I have kinda distance myself from indie publications like Dynamite, Zenescope, Dark Horse etc. But again, I am no hero.

There are lots of countries where Comics do not reach and there are lots of people who love reading Comics but can’t afford to buy them. Probably because they are students, probably because of restrictions in payment gateway etc. I think I am helping them. At least, this is what I think.

I could write for hours but I think I should stop. I thank you everyone for your kind support. Your comments motivate me keep posting. I love when I fulfill someone’s request and I love when I get their ‘Thank You’ message.

I Hope you love ComicsCodes and love my work. I don’t know what future holds for me but I will try to keep alive ComicsCodes as much as I can.

Elite 🍧 🎉 🎄 🎈 🎁

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  • Thank you so much. You’re a real life Superhero. I’m a student…so comics are really expensive for me. But cause of you… I’m able to read them. I normally don’t comment here. But the things you wrote…. I had to comment. You made me emotional buddy. You rock!! I have been following this site for 2 years. I’m glad I came across this site. Thank you so much.

  • Second Time I Opened This Site And After Reading Your Post It Maked Me Cry First Time When I Opened This Site I Saw Your Post Saying You’ll About To shut Down This Site Due To Low Funding It Makds Me Soo Emotional That Time And Right Now Also!! Congrats To Comicscodes For Its 5th Anniversary…..I Don’t Have Paypal Account But I Promise You Someday I Will Donate You!!

  • Thanks Elite! I love this side, only been here since Gen 4 [ComicsCodes] but this site has been crazy helpful for me! I live in Australia, and the cheapest Marvel/DC comics prices are $8 for a regular issue! And that’s after a 2 hour train trip into the city – the only local store sells for $15 per issue (though I can’t blame them for that, they are really small and can barely afford to run the shop)!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Really liked the emotion contained in your message.
    I had never left a comment in comicscode/comicsforest (at least as much as I remember) but this post, I really liked it.

    Could I ask whether you are a goodreads member or not?

  • Thanks a lot man! I love reading comics but I don’t really get comics in my country, if I manage to find some site or store selling comics, they sell them for a price which I can’t afford. You are doing a great job. Keep this site alive as much as you can. THANK YOU

  • Thanks a lot for sharing these comics with us. If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt get my weekly dose of DC. You’re doing a great job. Best wishes!

  • Thank you so much, you have been great to one like me in Nigeria, where we don’t see comics. I ve been following your site for some 3 years now, its been a wow experience. Wish though there was a way for me to contribute from here in Nigeria. Thanks so much again.

  • thanks for everything man!! for your non-stop providing people what they desire. you are a true hero sir, and for my part you will forever be. you truly are a magnificent person, a good samaritan & a true lover of comics. both hands down to you. B-) stay cool brah!!

  • Good to know that’s why you stay away from the indie comics.

    If there was one criticism, that was it.

    But that’s okay.

    You’re good for the DC/Marvel stuff and I can get the indies from other sites.

    And thanks again for including Zippy. Got to be the best downloader out there.

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