Help ComicsCodes reach this month’s Donation Target!

Do you know that ComicsCodes provides Comics for free without any interruptions?

  • New Comics every Wednesday as soon they get ripped.
  • File-Hosts ZIPPYSHARE and USERSCLOUD provide unlimited download speed.
  • You can request for both Old and New Comics here.
  • ComicsCodes is completely Ad-Free. No annoying Pop-ups etc.

Wondering how do I manage to keep everything for free? By huge support from visitors all over the world in form of donations. They are the reason ComicsCodes is still alive and still strong.

Donations are only way to keep the server alive. If ComicsCodes helping you to find your favorite Comics and if you are really able to donate some small/large amount, please consider making a donation. Any amount would be highly appreciated. Visit DONATION Page for more info.

If you want to donate, click on PAYPAL icon below.

Elite 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • I can directly pay bills from PayPal whereas transferring money from one mode to another eat lots of money in service charge. Also, my hosting provider take 7.5% extra if paying from card. 🙁

      That’s why I stick to PayPal only.

  • I’m so sorry, but I don’t have the chance to donate. But I really hope for you and for your great work to reach this month’s goal!
    Thank you for all your work that you do for us! 😀

  • Paypal isnt supported in my country too, so I cant help 🙁
    But to support this site, I really wont mind seeing ads here.

  • Hello, Elite! The past few months seem to have passed by without much donations, but was it enough to pay for your bills? I hope I could help. 🙁 More power to ComicsCodes! God bless you, Elite!!

    • I am getting complete donations every month. I get most of the remaining donations in the last few days of month’s end. Hope I will reach this month’s target too as I have currently reached 40% only. Anyway, thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  • Just donated. They don’t sell comics where I’m from and all I can do is buy TPBs when I visit the U.S.

    So anyway, I really appreciate what you do, man. Keep up the good work.

  • I can’t donate using paypal as it’s not supported in my country. If other options are available in the future, I may do.

  • hey elite I always wondered why do you upload comics in zippyshare and usercloud where files expire after 30 day of inactivity….then when they expire if someone wants to download them then he has to ask you to re-upload it again which is a pain for u too.
    Cant you upload them in google drive, it is free,fast and files don’t expire.

    • I am uploading on ZIPPYSHARE since January, 2016 and 95% files are still alive. 😀
      If someones download a file within 30 days, expiry date extends.

      Regarding Google Drive, it provides only 15 GB storage and I sometime upload a single post with 120+ GB content. I will have to create multiple accounts for that. Also, Google will ban my account on 3-4 reports. Google Drive is good for .apk (Android Apps) uploaders but not for Movie or Comics. I once thought about using MEGA but they also have 50 GB limit and limited bandwidth for downloaders after certain GB. 🙁

  • Man, I really wish I could donate now, but as I stated earlier, I can’t. Honestly, every time I see that there are 2 days left and the site has only 1/5 of the goal donated, my heart flips because this site may shut down.

  • Why won’t you consider adding ads to the website? I know they’re a bit annoying, but if it helps you maintain the servers I’d be willing to click the hell out of the ads to keep this site up and running :p
    Anyways, hope you keep running ComicsCodes for many years to come 🙂

    • I reach target every month thanks to donors. If somehow I didn’t reach any month, I will think about Ads.

      Thank you Hamzeh for your kind words. 🙂

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