Amalgam Comics – DC / Marvel (1995-1998) (COMPLETE)

Amalgam Comics – DC / Marvel
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On two separate occasions – April 1996 and June 1997 – Marvel and DC co-published issues under the Amalgam Comics imprint. The issues were presented as if the imprint had existed for decades, with stories and editorial comments referring to a fictional history stretching back to the Golden Age of Comics, including retcons and reboots. For example, they referred to Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour (an amalgamation of Marvel’s Secret Wars, DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet, and DC’s Zero Hour), which featured the well-known cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, but with Super-Soldier holding his sidekick’s body, instead of Superman holding Supergirl. Several issues included fake letter-columns to provide the illusion of background to the stories, with the “fans'” hometowns formed by amalgamating the names of existing cities.

The first Amalgam event occurred near the end of the Marvel vs. DC crossover event in 1996. In that event, the Marvel and DC universes were shown being combined into one, and the Amalgam comics were presented as the result of that. The first twelve Amalgam titles were released the following week, delaying both publishers’ regular releases by one week. Half the comics in the event were published by Marvel and half by DC. A year later, the stunt was repeated, but without the crossover providing context. Later, both publishers collected their issues into trade paperback collections.

Between the two rounds of Amalgam Comics, the two publishers released a second crossover, DC/Marvel: All Access. A third mini-series, Unlimited Access, followed the second round. Both crossovers featured additional Amalgam characters.

Amazon 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbr
Assassins 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbr
Bat-Thing 01 (1997) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Bruce Wayne – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Bullets and Bracelets 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Challengers of the Fantastic 01 (1997) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Dark Claw Adventures 01 (1997) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Doctor StrangeFate 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Exciting X-Patrol 01 (1997) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Generation Hex 01 (1997) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Iron Lantern 01 (1997) (Minutemen-SeeNoBobHearNoBob).cbz
JLX 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
JLX Unleashed 01 (1997) (Minutemen-SeeNoBobHearNoBob).cbz
Legends of the Dark Claw 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Lobo The Duck 01 (1997) (Minutemen-SeeNoBobHearNoBob).cbz
Magneto and His Magnetic Men 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Speed Demon 01 (1996) (Minutmen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Spider-Boy 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Spider-Boy Team-Up 01 (1997) (Minutemen-KangCouncil).cbz
Super Soldier 01 (1996) (Minutemen-SeeNoBobHearNoBob).cbz
Super Soldier Man of War 01 (1997) (Minutemen-SeeNoBobHearNoBob).cbz
The Magnetic Men featuring Magneto 01 (1997) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Thorion of the New Asgods 01 (1997) (Minutemen-SeeNoBobHearNoBob).cbz
X-Patrol 01 (1996) (Minutemen-Syl3ntBob).cbz
Amalgam Cards.cbr
Amalgam Comics DC Collection TPB (1996) (c2c) (FB-DCP).cbr
Amalgam Comics Marvel Collection TPB (1996) (c2c) (FB-DCP).cbr
Amalgam Trading Cards 001-090 (Fleer Skybox)(1996).cbr
DC Versus Marvel-Marvel Versus DC 01 (of 04) (1996) (Minutemen-KangCouncil).cbz
DC Versus Marvel-Marvel Versus DC 04 (of 04) (1996) (Minutemen-KangCouncil).cbz
Marvel Versus DC-DC Versus Marvel 02 (of 04) (1996) (Minutemen-KangCouncil).cbz
Marvel Versus DC-DC Versus Marvel 03 (of 04) (1996) (Minutemen-KangCouncil).cbz
DC versus Marvel-Marvel versus DC Consumer Preview (1995).cbr
DC Marvel – All Access 01 (of 04) (1996).cbr
DC Marvel – All Access 02 (of 04) (1997).cbr
DC Marvel – All Access 03 (of 04) (1997).cbz
DC Marvel – All Access 04 (of 04) (1997).cbz
Unlimited Access 01 (of 04) (1997).cbr
Unlimited Access 02 (of 04) (1998).cbr
Unlimited Access 03 (of 04) (1998).cbr
Unlimited Access 04 (of 04) (1998).cbr
The Complete DC vs. Marvel Archives Vol. 01.cbr
The Complete DC vs. Marvel Archives Vol. 02.cbr
The Complete DC vs. Marvel Archives Vol. 03.cbr

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