How to use Internet like a Pro… and download Comics too!

I know, I know. You are using Internet since 90s and have a deep knowledge of identifying good and suspicious sites. THIS POST IS NOT FOR YOU.

The reason I am creating Post to help those just few novice people who are causal surfers and get a hard time downloading Comics and other things from Internet.

RULE #1 (OF 3)
Stop installing 20 different kind of browsers. Why you have Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Opera Mini, Maxthon, Avant at the same time? Just pick one.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are most popular browser today. I am using Firefox since 2005 and I highly recommend to use this one.

RULE #2 (OF 3)
Install any Adblock Add-on once you install a browser. Whenever I clean install Mac or Windows, I download Firefox from Safari (or Internet Explorer) and install Adblock plugin. Internet has evolved a lot and so does Ads.

MY RECOMMENDATION: uBlock Origin. I think it is available for all major browsers. I used to use Adblock Plus but they start taking money from Ad providers and white-listing their Ads. uBlock Origin block all kind of shitty Ads and give a cleaner version of web.

uBlock Origin Logo

RULE #3 (OF 3)
Do not install Antivirus if you know what you do.

MY RECOMMENDATION: If you randomly click on everything you see like those hot girls in your area interested in dating you which leads you to paid dating sites, use a lightweight Antivirus like Avira. If you use Windows 10, it’s firewall is already too powerful but installing an Antivirus will give you extra protection.


Whatever you are trying to download, there are already 100s of safe and trustworthy sites for it. I download mostly from torrent sites and go to file-hosts sites only if torrent is not an option.

After the fall of Torrentz, KickassTorrents (they are back but it’s nothing like before) and Extratorrent, 1337x and RARBG are most visited place for everyone in the world. I highly recommend these 2 sites for finding your material. Weather you are looking for new softwares or latest episodes of paid porn sites, you can find everything here.

Almost Everything –

Almost Everything + Crazy amount of new Porn –

Anime and Manga –

If you love watching movies online, a google search will give you lots of trusted sites but everyone is filled with lots of Ads and annoying pop-ups. Make sure you have installed and enabled Adblock plugin.


COMIC READER – There are lots of Comic Readers but I prefer minimal environment in both real and virtual life. I used to use CDisplay for years but it’s developer abandoned it long time ago aand it sometime not work with big file sizes. Fortunately, there is another alternative for it which is free and excellent. CDisplay Ex. It also show thumbnails of downloaded Comics and I never encountered any error even with file size of 2GB.

DOWNLOADING A COMICS FROM FILE-HOST – Many time I get comments like Comics is not available for download or it’s fake or something like that. I am uploading Comics for more than 6 years and I never ever uploaded any fake file. The reason people post comments like this because they unable to distinguish between real and fake download buttons on file-hosts. Free services like ZIPPYSHARE, USERSCLOUD, UPLOADED etc. earn money by showing ads and leading to other sites. That’s how they are in business. Check this image. Which one is real Download Button?

LOL… Identify the real Download Button.

Use an Adblock plugin to hide those Ad codes.

COMICS IN .RAR FORMAT – If a pack exceed it’s size of 500MB I usually break into .rar files. If I have posted 3 .RAR files, you have to download all 3 to extract it. You just can’t download 1 .RAR file of 500MB and expect it to work. I recommend to use WinRAR for un-archiving purposes.

If you are having any problem, comment here and I will try to help you.

I hope this Post help to those who are having a BAD TIME. He he

Elite 🙂

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  • Thanks for the recommendations, completely forgot about 1337x.
    Funny that the example pics for the uBlock suggestion were from TPB.

  • Thanks for this article! I don’t know why I haven’t thought about installing an adblocker… gonna install the one you recommended right now.

  • I’m one of those old guys you mention. Started back when Usenet and BBS were a big deal. This is a great article for newbies. More sites should have something like it. Thanks!

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