1. Batman #99 (2020)AVAILABLE
  2. Batman Day Batman – Curse of the White Knight #1 (2020)AVAILABLE
  3. Batman Day Batman Tales – Once Upon a Crime #1 (2020)AVAILABLE
  4. Batman Day Batman – The Adventures Continue #1 (2020)AVAILABLE
  5. Batman’s Grave #10 (of 12) (2020)AVAILABLE
  6. Batman – The Bat and the Cat – 80 Years of Romance (HC) (2019)AVAILABLE
  7. Catwoman #25 (2020)AVAILABLE
  8. Dark Knight Returns – The Golden Child – The Deluxe Edition (2020)AVAILABLE
  9. Detective Comics #1027 (2020)AVAILABLE
  10. Injustice – Year Zero #6 (2020)AVAILABLE
  11. Justice League #53 (2020)AVAILABLE
  12. Metal Men #10 (of 12) (2020)AVAILABLE
  13. Teen Titans #45 (2020)AVAILABLE


  1. Aero #11 (2020)AVAILABLE
  2. Amazing Spider-Man The Sins Of Norman Osborn #1 (2020)AVAILABLE
  3. Captain America #23 (2020)AVAILABLE
  4. Conan Battle For The Serpent Crown #5 (of 5) (2020)AVAILABLE
  5. Excalibur #12 (2020)AVAILABLE
  6. Giant-Size X-Men Storm #1 (2020)AVAILABLE
  7. Hellions #4 (2020)AVAILABLE
  8. Immortal Hulk #0 (2020)AVAILABLE
  9. Immortal Hulk #37 (2020)AVAILABLE
  10. Iron Man #1 (2020)AVAILABLE
  11. Star Wars #6 (2020)AVAILABLE
  12. Star Wars Darth Vader #5 (2020)AVAILABLE
  13. Thor #7 (2020)AVAILABLE
  14. X-Men #12 (2020)AVAILABLE
  15. X-Men Marvels Snapshot #1 (2020)AVAILABLE


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    Only SD rips available now. I will upload if rippers rips in HD.
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    Thank you again so much! If you ever happen to run across the other four, keep me in mind. Thanks again for all your help, I appreciate it.
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