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Hey Comic Geeks,

How are you? Hope you are doing fine.

As you know that I used to get donations by referring people to UPLOADED and RAPIDGATOR Premium Accounts and get a share of their sales. But from almost 6 months, UPLOADED and RAPIDGATOR both started shaving like hell and it’s really been very difficult for me to pay for monthly Hosting, RDP, Internet Subscription and other bills.

I have decided to take donations directly from visitors. I will upload Comics on ZIPPYSHARE & USERSCLOUD from January 01, 2016. These two file-hosts provide unlimited speed without any restrictions.

If you want to donate, click on PAYPAL icon below.


Q: Why should I donate?
A: ComicsCodes is currently generating 50,000+ pageviews per day and serving an average of 150+ online users (400+ on Wednesdays) all the time. To perform these tasks, a high-end Dedicated Server is required on which ComicsCodes is currently running. A Dedicated Server comes very costly as compared to SHARED or VPS hosting. Besides that, I have other bills to pay to get Comics faster and upload them as soon they get scanned. I would also love to tell you that ComicsCodes is almost 5 years old and one of the oldest Comics sharing website on Internet and has served free Comics to his countless fans all over the world.

Q: Will I be able to download Comics faster on ComicsCodes?
A: I use ZIPPYSHARE & USERSCLOUD as they provide high speed and without any waiting time. I still use UL and RG as they tend to ignore DMCA complaints for long time and files on their servers have longer lifetime. If files from ZIPPYSHARE and USERSCLOUD goes down, you can download from UPLOADED and RAPIDGATOR.

Q: How can I donate?
A: You can donate by using PayPal.

Q: Is my personal information safe with you?
A: Your contributions will be confidential and I will not sell anyone’s information to a third-party. Also, I am not an American and my servers are in Netherlands where DMCA rules do not apply.

As I am posting Comics since August, 2011 (more than 5 years) there are lots and lots of data here on ComicsCodes. If you are looking for New Comics, visit here on Wednesdays and if you love Old Comics too, visit daily as I post lots of Old Comics on daily basis.

All donation will be highly appreciated and will be use for ComicsCodes operational expenses. Help ComicsCodes, to help you and the others.

For donation status, you can see it on the Left Sidebar Widget and the Status Bar.

If you are going to buy premium of UPLOADED/RAPIDGATOR, use my referral links.



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  69 Responses to “ComicsCodes Donation”

  1. Great site. Just donated.

  2. C’mon people! help this dude reach his goal! Just like inviting him for cup of coffee.

  3. Not able to pay through PayPal from India

  4. awesome site thanks comicscodes

  5. New to the site. Love it! I’ve just sent a donation to help keep it going. Hope to be with you for a long, long time. Is it possible to get sendspace links? Just asking…

    • Thank you for your kind donation.
      SENDSPACE provide slow speed to free users and 1 download at a time. That’s why I stick with ZIPPYSHARE and USERSCLOUD only.

  6. Hey mate,

    1st donation of 2017! haha.

    I’m a student too, and I’ll do what I can to donate as the days go by.

    Thanks for always uploading great stuff and I hope people will continue helping you down the line man.

  7. I really want to donate a large sum of money, but, unfortunately, I am a student and have no money nor the account I could use to donate. 🙁 Thank you for your hard work, though. I hope you’re always doing well and please keep this site working as long as you can!

  8. How much does advertising on your site?

  9. Hey Elite, Finally managed to get enough cash together to send a decent donation. it may be a little while before the next one though! Merry Christmas!

  10. Donation is out 🙂 Thanks for your hard work which lets me get comics very easily. Keep it up

  11. Dear Comicscode can you PLEASE get a link for a free download of Naruto Shippuden Manga

  12. why isn’t there anything from November 2 scanned?

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