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    1. Elite Non 0-Day Comics
    Army and Navy Fun Parade 034 (Harvey 1947) (c2c) (ComicsCastle) and Navy Fun Parade 035 (Harvey 1947) (c2c) (ComicsCastle) and Navy Fun Parade v4 005 (Harvey…
  • Eye-Star-Rune
    2. Eye-Star-Rune Proud 10 Years of ComicsCodes!
    Thank you for your dedication, Comicmaster!
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    3. Elite 0-Day Comics
    Batman - Catwoman 007 (2021) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)!uVxzxA6a!DWt54WNKScMq1QS8m62qDsGGISwzw6QlqCeN6Iw4T7c Batman - Catwoman 007 (2021) (Webrip) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP)!ejhCRIbK!-ks1BIPNp7tCTInPZLDnOiaBxOgBx9UsIgQGxHPAqOY Batman 112 (2021) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)!iJAFQCAD!kyaHxbGSkZg_6xccP3r0RSGYCuIdvwbgBknwe9DZYOE Batman v3 112…
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    4. Elite Non 0-Day Comics
    A Pocketful of Pepper 014 (Hardie-Kelly 1946) (c2c) (ComicsCastle) and Navy Fun Parade 001 (Harvey 1941) (c2c) (ComicsCastle) Snoots 009 (Gold Key 1972) (c2c) (js-DCP)…
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    5. Elite Superman Post-Crisis Chronology v3.0 – Part 1
    Hello Goomlam, All comments must be approved by me so anyone can see it publicly. I unusually reply to all comments/requests once a week. I will try doing all requests…



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