As all of you know, ComicsCodes is sharing free comics for all of you. It is totally free, no hidden cost whatsoever (besides the one that you spend on your internet subscription).

ComicsCodes is currently generating 100,000+ pageviews per day and serving an average of 500+ online users (2,000+ on Wednesdays) all the time. To perform these tasks, a high-end Dedicated Server is required on which ComicsCodes is currently running. A Dedicated Server comes very costly as compared to SHARED or VPS hosting. I would also love to tell you that ComicsCodes is more than 9 years old now and one of the oldest Comics sharing website on Internet. It has continuously served free Comics to its countless fans all over the world.

Only your support has kept ComicsCodes alive. I try my best to provide all New Comics released every week on the high-speed file-host websites like ZIPPYSHARE, MEGA, MEDIAFIRE etc. It is not a profit-making work that I do, rather it is to provide all the new comics available at the easiest for all comic lovers. Only because of donations, it has been possible to pay the bills of Servers, RDP and others.

Please consider making a small Donation. Any amount would be highly appreciated.


I am using Paypal as the main donation gateway. In order to do so, click the Pastebin link to get the address and also the guide on how to make the donation.

NOTE: PERSONAL PAYMENT is currently not supported in my Country. Send donation as GOODS or SERVICES.


If you feel that you would not like to spend anything today, that’s totally fine. ComicsCodes will always be free for everybody. And support is not always about the money. You can also help by sharing all the comics you download on social media sites. Thus, more people will know about ComicsCodes and bring other opportunities or possibility of a donor.

All said, with any donation or no, I will try my best to give the best for you all, keep updating the website by daily basis and try to fulfill any comic request as best as I can.

Have a nice day all of you.

Elite 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • how does the mega link work? I have clicked on some and they offer to import to my account which is easy, but how do the other links work? for example the link for the collection of Deathstroke TPB’s from 2017-2019. I click on the link and it just takes me to the generic information of Mega and I have no idea where to go from there.

    • I have added SEARCH BAR on right sidebar. My theme was not supporting latest version of WordPress. Theme developer has been notified. He will soon provide us with an update and website look will be back to normal.

  • Hi I’m trying to find a way to use your website. Am I able to download everything only and directly on my iPhone. Whether I can I or not how do I download books here and eventually get them on my iPhone and put in my iTunes and iBooks library? If it’s a matter of format I can download a format converter. Please let me know. Thank you.

  • Hey Guys thanks for sharing comics for us. I would like that you thinking about put a link or way to select publishers separated. Like, DC Comics, Marvel, Vault, IDW, Etc.

  • the website is no longer approachable in mobile
    cant be exit in mobile

  • Hi Elite,

    You used to put the europian titles up on the site but I haven’t seen much of that lately. Could you please add the europian titles which came out this week (week of April 15th) to the site?


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