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  • Elite
    1. Elite Comics Requests
    Only SD rips available now. I will upload if rippers rips in HD.
  • Elite
    2. Elite Spawn #1-306 (1992-2020) (ONGOING)
  • Horsegirl
    3. Horsegirl Comics Requests
    Thank you again so much! If you ever happen to run across the other four, keep me in mind. Thanks again for all your help, I appreciate it.
  • Eye-Star-Rune
    4. Eye-Star-Rune Comics Requests
    Thank you!
  • Sahil
    5. Sahil Comics Requests
    Hey elite, thanks for these uploads. But can i plese ask you one more thing, would it be possible for you to upload high quality scans for SUN-KEN ROCK.



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