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  • Eye-Star-Rune
    1. Eye-Star-Rune Comics Requests
    No, Sir, I have found it.
  • ljhatlgs
    2. ljhatlgs Comics Requests
    Hi, Elite, Accept my big THANK YOU for going to the trouble of fulfilling my request. I appreciate your generosity.
  • Elite
    3. Elite Green Lantern: Circle of Fire (TPB) (2021)
    Hi Japhy, Thanks for the info. Removing this post until I fix this. Thanks. EDIT: Links fixed.
  • Japhy
    4. Japhy Green Lantern: Circle of Fire (TPB) (2021)
    I know you grabbed this from Get Comics - it's not Glorith's rip from February, which is almost twice as big. The GC guy grabbed this from Collecionadores, who for…
  • Elite
    5. Elite 0-Day Comics
    2000AD prog 2227 (2021) (digital) (Minutemen-juvecube) Action Comics 341 (1966) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire)!no5yELba!T5dlxwoQi1QKd-c6ITnMOMCKnF_FIZl7AQwo5Ld7Lfg American Vampire 1976 007 (2021) (Digital) (Pinky) Batman - The Detective 001 (2021) (Webrip)…
  • Elite
    6. Elite Comics Requests
    Transformers Animated - Allspark Almanac v01 (2009) (Digital) (Asgard-Empire).cbr Transformers Animated - Allspark Almanac v02 (2010) (Digital) (Asgard-Empire).cbr Cybertronian - An Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide 02 (2001).cbz Cybertronian - An…
  • beret88
    7. beret88 Comics Requests
  • Mitch Fletcher
    8. Mitch Fletcher Comics Requests
    Transformers Animated: The Complete Allspark Almanac [2015] Transformers Generations (Japanese) Cybertronian Beast Wars Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide
  • Elite
    9. Elite Comics Requests
    The Age of Selfishness - Ayn Rand, Morality, and the Financial Crisis (2015) (digital-SD) (fylgja).cbz
  • Elite
    10. Elite Comics Requests
    Only till #7 ripped yet.



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